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When a police officer kills a Black person in cold blood and gets away with it, that is called state sanctioned violence. In order to understand what state sanctioned violence is, we need to understand what the state really is; the state exists as a tool of whatever class has power and constitutes a special class in society. The state is a special body of armed people and repressive institutions (i.e. the police, ICE, and the military.) that upholds the interests of the rich who control society, the ruling class. In the United States, class is racialized and Black people have been forced into a permanently exploited underclass by white supremacy and capitalism. In this wicked country built on the genocide of Indigenous people and the theft of labor from stolen Africans, profit is more valuable than our lives. This is why we have not been able to achieve real justice for the victims of state sanctioned violence, because the ruling class simply does not care. But in the words of Black Panther H. Rap Brown, “We are not outnumbered, we’re out organized.” We have to build power outside of this white supremacist system and dismantle the state that oppresses us. Building power that centers the needs of working-class Black people, is the only way to bring an end to state sanctioned violence. Join BLM IE



June 11, 2020

Our demands are as follows: 

  1. We demand Lawrence Bender to be freed immediately, 

  2. we demand the Riverside Sheriff to be held accountable for his actions, 

  3. Reallocate funds meant for police and instead allocate those funds to education and programs that benefit underserved communities such as community centers, housing for the homeless, and meal programs."

  4. we demand an end to the police state, 

  5. we demand an end to the prison industrial complex

  6. we demand that all officers and public officials  be held accountable for all their crimes.


BLM IE Open letter

BlackLivesMatterIE is issuing an open letter to the County of Riverside in response to its Board of Supervisors’ decision on 6/23/2020 to distribute $1.5 billion in county appropriations to the County’s Department of Public Safety belying any commitment to social responsibility, equity and constituent interests.


As advocates to the Inland Empire:


We find it unconscionable that our Riverside University Health System is the only department seeing a decrease in revenue from this appropriations decision during a global pandemic predominately affecting poor black and brown families.  


We find it unconscionable that our Housing, Homelessness and Workforce Department is seeing a reduction in contracts related to its Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Shelter Plus, and Home Investment Partnership (HOME) during a global pandemic predominately affecting poor black and brown families.


We find it unconscionable that our Human Services Department is seeing a reduction in contracts and operating service allocations related to its Children & Families First Commission and Office on Aging during a global pandemic predominately affecting poor black and brown families.


We are outraged that these decisions come as the Riverside Sheriff’s Office is positioned to receive a 3% increase in revenues we have reason to believe will expand the present and historical war against our bodies. 


With these decisions it has become clear to us that our current Board of Supervisors is no longer qualified to assess our community’s vital or intrinsic needs and should no longer be allowed to make self-serving determinations at the expense of our health and safety. We are a community of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Queer, Women, and marginalized people who are most vulnerable to public health disparities including the frequent and unreported instances of police violence we experience and collectively recognize this decision as proof of the systemic white supremacy that underlies this governing body and its decision-making process. Riverside county remains the 4th largest county in California. We continue to hold the 2nd highest rates of police brutality and misconduct in the State of California. Sheriff Chad Bianco claims to be transparent, but due to SB 1421 our people remain unable to place nor monitor complaints against the Sheriff’s office. The Riverside Sheriff’s Office is using the litigation from SB 1421 to fight a war of attrition against survivors of police abuse and make accountability impossible. 


Our Board of Supervisors’ willingness to entertain life-threatening delusions about the Riverside Sheriff’s Office and its protracted war on the poor and disenfranchised members of the Inland Empire only reinforces our feelings of material subjugation and second-class status in the eyes of our representatives.


BlackLivesMatterIE invites you to activate your outrage at this decision in partnership with the protests happening now in response to the Board Of Supervisors’ decision by signing onto this letter and demonstrating your solidarity and support. Your signature ( will serve the Inland Empire’s ongoing effort to have the current budget proposal repealed and reviewed again in September.


In resistance,



Riverside County Board of Supervisors:


*Kevin Jeffries - First District ~ Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake and most of the City of Riverside. The district also covers the unincorporated communities of DeLuz, Gavilan Hills, Good Hope, Lake Hills, Lake Mathews, LaCresta, Mead Valley, Meadowbrook, Spring Hills, Temescal Valley, Tenaja, Warm Springs, and Woodcrest. (


*Karen Spiegel - Second District ~ Corona, Norco, Jurupa Valley, and Eastvale. It also includes approximately 1/3 of the City of Riverside, including the following City of Riverside neighborhoods: Northside, Downtown, Wood Streets, Magnolia Center, Grand and the northern half of Arlanza and La Sierra Acres. Unincorporated communities within the 2nd Supervisorial District include Home Gardens, El Cerrito, Coronita and Highgrove. (


*Chuck Washington - Third District ~ Idyllwild to Anza Borrego Desert State Park, and from Temecula to San Jacinto. It includes the cities of Hemet, Murrieta, San Jacinto and Temecula, and the communities of Aguanga, Anza Valley, Cahuilla, East Hemet, Gilman Hot Springs, Homeland, Idyllwild, Lake Riverside, Mountain Center, Murrieta Hot Springs, Pine Cove, Pine Meadow, the Pinyon Communities, Poppet Flats, Rancho California, Soboba Hot Springs, Valle Vista and Winchester. (


*V. Manuel Perez - Fourth District ~ Blythe, Cathedral City, Coachella, Desert Hot Springs, Indian Wells, Indio, La Quinta, Palm Desert, Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage.  Unincorporated communities in the district include Bermuda Dunes, Chiriaco Summit, Colorado River communities, Desert Center, Desert Edge, Eagle Mountain, Indio Hills, Lake Tamarisk, Mecca, Mesa Verde, North Shore, Oasis, Ripley, Sky Valley, Sun City. Palm Desert, Thermal, Thousand Palms and Vista Santa Rosa. (


*Jeff Hewitt - Fifth District ~ Palm Springs in the north east to Menifee in the south. The cities within the Fifth District are Banning, Beaumont, Calimesa, Menifee, Moreno Valley and Perris. Unincorporated areas include Banning Bench, Cabazon, Cherry Valley, Desert Hills, Desert Hot Springs, El Nido area, Juniper Flats, Lake Perris, Lakeview, Lakeview Mountains, Mission Springs, Nuevo, North Palm Springs, Painted Hills, Quail Lake, Reche Canyon, San Jacinto Wildlife Reserve, San Timoteo Canyon, Snow Creek, the Sovereign Nation of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, Twin Pines, West Garnet, Whitewater and Windy Point. (